The Neighborhood Steering Committee engages with the City of Oakland and Head-Royce School to advocate for the neighbors’ points of view. 


Create a safe neighborhood where residents are respected and the quality of life is maintained.

Who We Are 

A grassroots group of neighbors who volunteer their time, communication skills, personal funds, and desire to engage other neighbors to resolve issues resulting from the operations and activities of Head-Royce School (“HRS”)


Latest Neighborhood News

Update June 7, 2018:  
 HRS agrees to neighbor tour of South Campus.  Weekend date in July to be arranged.  See e-mails here.

Update June 5, 2018: 
On June 2, the NSC sent a list of questions to HRS asking for more details about issues in the proposed Master Plan that will impact the neighbors and the greater community surrounding both the North and South Campuses. The cover letter and the list of questions can be found here under Document Archives.

On June 4, HRS responded. 
HRS declined to answer any questions and declined to provide any of the existing studies, surveys and plans that would help us better understand the Master Plan. HRS’s response can be found here under Document Archives.

Head-Royce School Releases Proposed Expansion Plan

On April 25, 2018, Head-Royce School held a community meeting regarding the school’s proposed master plan for expansion. The meeting was well attended by neighbors who saw for the first time the school’s plan for development of the 8-acre property on the south side of Lincoln Ave. To learn more about the plan, the development’s integration into the neighborhood and how you can voice your opinions, visit the School Expansion Impacts page.