The Neighborhood Steering Committee (NSC) is a grassroots group of neighbors who volunteer their time, skills, and desire to help resolve issues resulting from the operations and activities of Head-Royce School (HRS). We engage with the City of Oakland and HRS to advocate for the neighbors' points of view. 

The NSC Mission

Create a safe neighborhood where residents are respected, and the quality of life is maintained.

To help support this mission, we started a Go Fund Me campaign. Contributions to the NSC are used to cover expenses, including:

  • Filing fees to the City of Oakland
  • Services of experts to study noise, environmental impacts, water & land use, engineering, traffic
  • Administrative costs such as website maintenance and printing

Please contribute what you can and feel free to share with neighbors, family and friends on Social Media and through email.

Latest Neighborhood News

Summer 2021

During 2020-21, we persisted. The NSC continued to support the Slow Streets program, monitored increased school traffic, enhanced communication efforts with the City’s Department of Transportation, Planning Department, District 4 Councilmember and staff, and Mayor Schaff’s office. We also met with HRS. Your NSC representative has a Summer update communication for you.

Summer 2020:

City Planning Department schedules Fall release for school expansion Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). See what’s to be included in the Report.

Summer 2019:
The NSC sets the record straight about misrepresentations by Head-Royce School regarding its master plan. Read the June 5, 2019 Letter from NSC to HRS Trustees, and June 5, 2019 memo,
NSC Sets the Record Straight. The City of Oakland also received both documents.