The Neighborhood Steering Committee (NSC) is a grassroots group of neighbors who volunteer their time, skills, and desire to help resolve issues resulting from the operations and activities of Head-Royce School (HRS). We engage with the City of Oakland and HRS to advocate for the neighbors' points of view. 

The NSC Mission

Create a safe neighborhood where residents are respected, and the quality of life is maintained.

To help support this mission, we started a Go Fund Me campaign. Contributions to the NSC are used to cover expenses, including:

  • Filing fees to the City of Oakland
  • Services of experts to study noise, environmental impacts, water & land use, engineering, traffic
  • Administrative costs such as website maintenance and technical services

Please contribute what you can and feel free to share with neighbors, family and friends on Social Media and through email.

Latest Neighborhood News

In November of 2021, the City of Oakland released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Head-Royce School expansion project and invited public review and comment. The NSC found the report contains numerous inaccuracies, omissions, misinformation, and misrepresentations.

Read the NSC’s response letter to the City of Oakland Planning Department.

Using funds contributed by neighbors, the NSC commissioned third-party experts to review the DEIR and provide comments and perspective on specific areas of great concern regarding the impacts of the proposed development. External link opens in new tab or windowThese expert reports also were provided to the City Planning Department.

To see the External link opens in new tab or windowwhole 548-page DEIR report, which was paid for by Head-Royce School, visit the City of Oakland website.

Final Environmental Impact Report Issued

In February 2023 the City of Oakland Department of Planning and Building issued a Notice of Availability (NOA) releasing the External link opens in new tab or windowFinal Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) on the Head-Royce School expansion project. The NSC found the FEIR dismissed or downplayed most of the comments and analysis submitted by expert peer-reviewers and residents.

What Happens Next

The City’s Final Environmental Impact Report purports to address all questions and comments received regarding the project. Following the final report, the City Planning Commission and the City Council will ultimately approve or reject the project.

What You Can Do

Residents and others who are concerned about the HRS expansion plan and the FEIR should write and send comments to Rebecca Lind, as directed above in the Notice of Availability (NOA). The NSC urges residents and neighbors to express or reiterate their concerns about the expansion plan and the need for further review to mitigate or modify the current proposal from the school. Residents and neighbors are also urged to appear and speak at the April 19, 2023 Oakland Planning Commission meeting, as detailed in the NOA.