The NSC is comprised of neighbors who volunteer their time to engage other neighbors, Head-Royce School administrators and the City of Oakland to find solutions to issues related to neighborhood impacts caused by the operations and activities of Head-Royce School.

The NSC Mission

Create a safe neighborhood where residents are respected, and the quality of life is maintained.

To help support this mission, we started a Go Fund Me campaign. Contributions to the NSC are used to cover expenses, including:

• Filing fees to the City of Oakland
• Services of experts to study noise, environmental impacts, water & land use, engineering, traffic
• Administrative costs such as website maintenance and technical service


Each NSC volunteer member occasionally canvasses residents of the street they share to ask neighbors for permission to represent them regarding HRS issues.

NSC representatives advocate in the interest of neighbors in an area covering most of the streets as shown on this map.

An Executive Committee of the NSC is selected by the NSC members. The Executive Committee represents NSC directly with City of Oakland and County of Alameda government officials and representatives and acts as the leadership team for the NSC.

To advocate with the City of Oakland and Head-Royce School in support of the neighbors' points of view, we:

    • Represent neighbors impacted by Head-Royce School
    • Initiate letter-writing campaigns in response HRS permit applications and other issues
    • Meet directly with Oakland City Council representatives, City Administrators, and AC Transit representatives regarding neighborhood issues relating to HRS operations
    • Attend NSC meetings
    • Attend community meetings initiated by Head Royce School
    • Report to neighbors regarding City of Oakland land use and permit developments and meeting outcomes
    • Retain acoustic, geotechnical, structural and other experts to review aspects of HRS expansion plans
    • Communicate with the Fire Department regarding vegetation management
    • Communicate with media when necessary
    • Develop communications materials for use in meetings and neighborhood information outreach
    • Coordinate with other organizations such the Dimond Improvement Association to maintain alignment of advocacy activities and messages

As a grassroots, issues-based advocacy group, the NSC is not a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) organization. The NSC does not collect dues, but occasionally requests contributions to cover expenses, such as filing and application fees, services of experts in areas such as noise, environmental impact, water and land use, engineering, etc., website maintenance, and printing costs.