Head-Royce School is a K-12 private commuter school attended by students from Oakland, Piedmont, Berekley, and many towns and cities in Contra Costa and Alameda County. It is NOT a charter school or a public school. Student tuition ranges from $34,100 to $48,700. Tuition does not include textbooks, supplies, class trips, food, individual lessons, after-school care, and electives.

The school is located on the Lincoln Avenue transit corridor connecting Highway 13 and Interstate 580. What started as a 4-1/2-acre campus with an enrollment of 310 students in 1964 has ballooned to a campus of 22 acres on both sides of Lincoln Avenue with an enrollment of about 900 students. The growth of the school has affected the quality of life in several surrounding neighborhoods and has made coexistence between the school's operational goals and the expectations of residents challenging.