Currently, HRS security guards are visible only in the Lincoln Avenue area of the 23-acre campus. The NSC and neighbors are concerned about the lack of visible security guards in the areas of HRS's properties that abut the surrounding houses.

HRS contributes to some of the cost to neighbors for a security company that patrols the residential streets behind 4315 Lincoln Avenue, the school's main 14-acre parcel. However, almost all of the school's 23-acre property is accessible to persons walking from Fruitvale Avenue towards the park on Joaquin Miller Road and nothing appears to prevent people from setting up camp for the night on Head-Royce's property, especially on the LCC property. NSC brought the lack of security to HRS's attention when there was evidence of vagrants entering the property and when a gate had been left open. Neighbors are concerned about trespassing when school is not in session and guards are off duty.